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Real Name: Thomas DeLonge
Blink 182 relation: Singer/Guitar Player
Born: December 13, 1975
Maritial Status: Has a girlfriend
Favorite Band: Menudo
Favorite Movie: Foreskin Gump

Tom worked at a place called Gary's Chicken and Ribbs in his home town Poway, California.

Tom really doesn't have his lip pierced.

Tom has 8 tattoos.

Tom works out every day on tour.

Tom has a huge belief in aliens, maybe the song Aliens Exist will back that fact. Tom Doesn't smoke.

His favorite CD of all time is Less Talk, More Rock by Propaghandi.

Tom appears in the movie Idle Hands as a fast food employee, who wears a sombrero. He only has one line.

The very first album he ever bought was a DI album.

Tom attended Poway High school in California.

His girlfriend, Jennifer got mad about the line from Dumpweed, "I need a girl that I can train..."

Favoritr moves are: Karate Kid, Back To The Future Trilogy, Die hard Trilogy, and Braveheart Last Of The Mohicans.

დასახელება: Blink 182 | დაამატა: Beria |
ნანახია: 1240 |  კომენტარი: 1

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